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1000 – 1500 word argumentative essay.
If a belief makes a person who believes it happier and more secure, does that make it true in any sense?
How should I get started?Have the Personal Responsibility and Critical Thinking Rubrics open in front of you. Your grade will be assessed according to these two rubrics.
The Personal Responsibility Rubric will require that you refer to the ethical consequences of the above question somewhere in your essay.

How do I submit?Please DO NOT include your name anywhere within the text, headings, or title of your essay, nowhere. This allows me to grade anonymously, an equitable grading practice. Please have no concern about omitting your name; as long as you submit your assignment through your eCampus account, you will receive credit for it.

The attached rubrics, Personal Responsibility Rubric and Critical Thinking Rubric, should guide your writing of both the Midterm Essay and the Final Essay.FAQHow many sources do I need to cite?You must site some sources. See the Evidence component of the Critical Thinking Rubric. Though there is no minimum number of cited sources beyond our textbook, sometimes you need to refer to other source material in making your argument. Whenever you discuss content that should be backed up with a source, be sure to incorporate accurate sources and cite them.

What format and style of citation should I use?Use MLA. Academic philosophers use Chicago Manual. If you continue studies in philosophy, you will learn Chicago Manual; however, for most introductory students, it is not practical to learn it. MLA is fine for the purposes of this course

Do I need to meet the minimum word count?Yes. Points will be deducted for essays under 1000 words in proportion to how far the word count falls short of this minimum requirement.

How can I get help?Great question! For content-related questions, use GroupMe to discuss the topic with both classmates and your professor. For writing help including grammar and MLA help, reach out to writing tutors early

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