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It’s a complimentary assignment I have done assignment #1 and I add the file to show you
I want to do assignment #2
We have chosen (sabic) company
Assignment 2 – Training Goals
This assignment is a summary of your research about your company for your Group Project. Your full research will be structured in APA format in your final paper submission at the end of the term.
Submission must have the following:
Your file must be labeled as the following (Your Team #): Team # – Assignment 2 – Training

Team # and the names of your team members with student ID noted on your document.
1-2 page summary of what your team researched (not including cover page) Uniformity and professional level structure for submission
Images will be considered additional pages not included in the 1-2 page summary.

Have content cited in your submission
Be sure to include a reference page to your research.
Only one team member submits the assignment for your team
Assignment 2: Training Goals – Zooming In
Include the following in your research.
Name of Organization
What is the Training goal of your program? (Refer to the links under week 10)
What is the Training Environment you will create for your training program? (Be prepared to have multiple locations for the 70-20-10 model.)
What resources will be needed for your program? (Environment, seating, Company support, Administrative, Trainers, Technology, how much time, etc.)
What stakeholders will be involved?
What are the training objectives for your training program?
Training methods used
Flowchart of Training Program
Timeline: What is the timeline you are going to have your training program? What occurs at which stage?
Write a Lesson Plan for one day of training within your program.

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