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writing and business. Use these links:
https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/health/assisted-living-in-bc/operating-an-assisted-living-residence/tools-resources – basically a hub for all the information.
https://www2.gov.bc.ca/assets/gov/health/accessing-health-care/assisted-living-registry/handbook-supportive-recovery.pdf – handbook

Instructions: By using the help of the links above of BC laws and Handbook please make these policies. you are opening a care residence for autism care clients.
Operations Information – copies of plans and policies that include:

❑ 18. Cannabis Policy

❑ 19. Complaints Policy

❑ 20. Emergency Response Plan

❑ 21. Employee or Staff Plan

❑ 22. End of Residency Policy

❑ 23. Health and Hygiene and Infection Control Plan

❑ 24. Medication Plan
❑ 25. Menu Plans
❑ 26. Missing Person Plan
❑ 27. Opioid Overdose Plan

❑ 28. Programming (Psychosocial) Supports Policy

❑ 29. Residency Agreement (see schedule C of the Assisted Living Regulation)

❑ 30. Reportable (Serious) Incident Policy

❑ 31. Shared Common Areas Policy (can be part of residency agreement)

❑ 32. In Supportive Recovery: Visitor and communication policy

writing and business

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