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The dissertation will largely draw from three fields: sociology, urban planning and criminology. Because the research is within a department of urban studies, the viewpoint of the paper must originate from urban planning. The final dissertation requirement will be around 350 pages.

This relationship will begin with a short critique of this proposal (two pages should be adequate). Further revisions of the proposal will probably be required, as the proposal itself has not yet been approved by dissertation committee.

Although I am aware of a number of problems within the proposal, I am seeking an individual who can quickly identify issues, work through them, and offer viable solutions in response to my comments or the comments of professors. At its heart, the research is just another sociological piece that was basically devised because it did not require fieldwork. Of course, studies without fieldwork are usually limited from the standpoint of originality and this is one of the challenges of the research. Squeezing the data for everything it’s got, an original presentation and inventiveness will be key to a passing paper.

On the quant side it’s just another regression piece, but I’m open to other relevant modes of analysis, especially that having to do with geographic information systems. GIS is of special use to geographers and urban planners.
On my end, I will always try to provide ample time for any assignment, whether original or revision; in exchange, writing must be Ph.D.-level quality, essentially at the level of a peer-review article.

As usual, the perennial question must be addressed: how does this research contribute to the larger literature? Additionally, how does the research apply to urban planning. There will be more notes on direction and approach following the proposal critique.

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