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Use current up to date references, at least 350 words to answer each questions. one reference per question

1. A novice educator is talking with her mentor. During the conversation, the novice educator expresses great pride in the fact that all learners passed the required course with a perfect score. How would the mentor respond to this information with application of course evaluation techniques? This question can be discussed from either the viewpoint of nurse professional development or an academic setting.

2. You have worked long hours in the design of creative learning activities for a course. The course has been presented for 3 years without any significant change. You have now been assigned a novice educator who is very excited and is presenting novel thoughts regarding the course. This will require significant change in the course. Discuss your initial reaction. How can a collaborative relationship between you (the course leader for 3 years) and the novice educator be achieved in order to provide the best learning opportunities for the participant? What evaluation information would you present to keep the course the same? What evaluation information would you consider in order to change the course?

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