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n the reading by Gino Pellegrini, “Creating Multiracial Identities in the Work of Rebecca Walker and Kip
Fulbeck: A Collective Critique of American Liberal Multiculturalism” the author grapples with “debate over the
precise impact that the emergent self-identified multiracial population is having on race, racial hierarchy, and
white supremacy.” Using this essay as your foundation, offer a critique on the popular notion (i.e. American
Imagination) that “race-mixing leads to post-racial society (i.e. erases racism). [Hint: This is not an opinion editorial. You must make a declarative statement(s) that addresses the statement, e.g. agree with or disagree
with, and then use the course resources to support your statement/argument. Here you might think about notions of
representations/imagination and identity (see Nishime, Perez, Renn, dentity (see), rights (here you might use of Da Coasta’s monograph
“Making Multiracials”, King’s article, “Racialization of Recognition

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