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With your reading of Machiavelli in mind, take a position whether it is better to rule by fear or by love or by a mixture. Give recent historical illustrations as examples of your position. This question demands a careful reading of Chapters 8 on measured cruelty, Chapter 15 on when and how to employ cruelty and chapter 17 on rule by fear and/or by love. Keep in mind what Machiavelli argues !

Present the four sufficient rules of logic found in Part 2 of Descartes’ Discourse on the Method. Give an example of its use in finding clarity and certainty in the world of existence and existing things. What is this method’s relationship to the doubt that Descartes employs?

Using Kant as a background, give your perspective on what type of historical age do we inhabit. A) an age of enlightentment B) an enlightened age C) a pre-enlightened age.
Give a short reason for your choice.

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