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I have attached the question file as GE 142 Design Assignment 3 Fall 2021 Final-1(1).pdf

For the question you will require these additional info from me.

We have had 2 classes of design.

So in the first design class we were given some physics, mathematical problems which were straightforward to answer but then we realized that they were not straightforward, and we actually had to take considerations on how we will solve the problem in the real world and take considerations of the real world.
So in the second design class, we were given 2 design projects in a group of 4 members.
I met new people and we worked together to create the tallest building structure possible from a few A3 sized papers.
We were not allowed to use tape. We had to use engineering skills to design the tallest structure and we all group members contributed our ideas, argued, did brainstorming etc to create the tallest structure.

In the second part of the class, we had to again form a new group with new people. In that we had to make a bridge structure out of a few sheets of paper between two tables. We were only allowed to use 1 piece of tape. We created a structure which was able to take 600grams of load. We made cylindrical and zig-zag structure from the pieces of paper as we thought that these structures can handle the highest amount of load. In this too we did arguing, brainstorming etc to create the structure. (You can add your own info too in this).

In our third design class, we were given a some statements and we had to create problem statements using it.

In the end I think, the Design classes made me meet a lot of new friends and made me think and learn how we can solve and make engineering problems in the real world. It even taught me how to do teamwork with new sets of people for every part of the class.

We were also given a problem definition question and I wrote on the following question below. I have attached what I wrote for it as file “Design Problem Scenario I vis550.docx”

At Saskatchewan’s uranium mines, uranium ore and “yellowcake” are transported on a
daily basis by truck. Residue ore/yellowcake can be a serious health hazard for the
workers who operate within these vehicles. Manual cleaning is the standard, but it is
labour intensive and inconsistent in efficacy. Improvements are needed in order to
maintain a safe working environment, but after years of trying to train technicians to do
this job, it appears that people cannot do it well, consistently.

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