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Using a current, past, or hypothetical client OR the target population of an agency or of a policy framework, please apply the Measurement Based Care approach to guide either case conceptualization, or administrative / policy response to a specific problem.

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Introduction: Please use your Assignment 1 write-up as the introduction (items 1 and 2 of the following outline)

Problem statement (in the context of a clinical case, or administrative or policy-related situation)
Theory framework guiding response to the problem (for clinical cases may be represented by the intervention methodology), key constructs of the theory framework.

Measurement-Based Care – Please further outline what, and how, you will measure, to evaluate how effectively the Service System in charge is addressing the Problem.
WHAT’s the Measurable Outcome What characteristics (outcomes, predictors and, if needed, mediators and/or moderators) should be measured to represent relevant constructs of the theory framework, to conceptualize the clinical case, or build administrative strategy, or policy addressing the problem you described in the Introduction? Specify: Do you need, for your narrative, a SCREENER or a CLINICAL MEASURE?
Please express the #3 write-up on a PATH DIAGRAM (use one from Assignment 1).
Operationalize construct(s) you have to measure:
identify measure (screener OR clinical measure) – the measurement tool/instrument,
report their reliability (Internal Consistency Cronbach’s Alpha – should be 0.7 or more),
if available, report validity.
whether the measure has been tested in the population you are serving.
if not tested in the target population, how will you address it? If the study describing the measure that you find is not “validated” in your population of interest, write: “Efforts will be made to assure reliability and validity of this measurement tool in our population of interest.”
Discuss measurement schedule
who collects data,
where (school, “point of service”, police station, etc.),
how frequently
How will measured results inform your practice or policy decision-making
Discuss (imaginary) implementation issues
Is the organization you describe well prepared for adapting to the results of your (imaginary!) evaluation?

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