week 6: read article and write 100 words and reply 2 student’s comment

This is a MONSTER list! You can’t possibly check out all these social media management tools, but look for 4-6 non-obvious ones that sound interesting to you. Check them out for a bit and then give the rest of us a (short) sales pitch on your favorite 1-2: what do they do, why did you like them, and why we should try them.
https://bulk.ly/social-media-management/ (Links to an external site.)
student 1:One tip that stuck out to me was monitoring social media channels. Despite my Hootsuite certification on Social Marketing, I still think of “monitoring social media” as checking on analytics, for example: how is the post I published an hour ago performing? But it is finally being pounded in my head that monitoring and analyzing are two completely different functions. The example in the article was pretty funny and I totally remember that incident (not sure why anyone would complain about being locked in a bookstore but okay) and it really showed that you have to pay attention to what is being said about your brand at any given moment. By monitoring social media channels you can handle any crisis on the spot and it sets you up to engage with the audience, and while the two are also separate functions I feel that they go hand in hand. So, can I keep my Hootsuite certification?
The other tip is a no-brainer but one I’m still grasping: developing a social media strategy. This is definitely me not having any experience with social media management but I would be at a loss on how to develop a strategy on social media and all that it entails. It also just seems so in-genuine, like it really hits the nail on the head that social media and the people running it are fake and are just trying to sell you on something. Saying these points are the exact opposite of the assignment but I also feel that they needed to be said and youngsters these days are figuring it out. However, if you are someone trying to sell something, you do indeed need a strategy and it is something that you need to figure out. It is also important to know that there is no one-size-fits all solution, your strategy needs to be tailored to your needs and a lot of thought needs to be put in. The thinking process can be fun though, there are so many ideas in the early stages as you figure out what you want to accomplish with your brand. So developing a strategy can be bewildering but also essential to knowing one’s own brand, and of course planning out how to push ideas and win audiences.
student 2: I already thought it was a bit of a minefield to find the right social media management tools and then you see this list and it’s amazing to see the range available! Of the top ten I’ve heard of five, but only used two (Hootsuite and Canva). Before talking a little bit about some of the ones I hadn’t heard of I wanted to touch on the advice in the article about how to manage your social media in general which I thought was sound advice. I recently said I would help out my partner as he’s been helping a friend set up a Handyman and Preventative Maintenance business and I thought I’ll post some pictures every now and again. Even though I know I need a better plan and to think more strategically about the process I am struggling to actually implement this practice and it can feel very daunting to know where to go next with the different channels! Cue feeling like the end of one of those frustrating grocery shops all the time, great analogy. These are the top tips from this article which have made it clearer for me to know how to move forward with supporting this new business, I just have to find the time…
Develop your strategy (tip: create a social media content calendar (Links to an external site.))
Create/share original content
Source/share “external” content
Monitor your channels
Engage with your followers/customers
Analyze results
So, out of the tools I wasn’t aware of I checked out Tailwind, Buffer and BuzzSumo and I’m sure they all have a their own niches but they all do fairly similar things.
Tailwind (Links to an external site.) – interestingly you can only sign up via instagram or Pinterest which seems unusual though they are an official partner of Pinterest so that explains it. It looks like it handles the same items as other similar sites such as designing, scheduling, planning though they can also connect users to other creators on Pinterest which is a nice addition if you’re after it.
Buffer (Links to an external site.) – another tool which can help you plan, collaborate and publish your social media. A function to collaborate with your team is useful, they come across like they are relatively small (in comparison to Hootsuite) but come across as a fun organization.
BuzzSumo (Links to an external site.) – helps you to generate ideas, create engaging content and monitor activity, it says that it is ‘the worlds largest bank of social media data’. BuzzSumo looks like it might support companies outside of the start-up sector, which is the feeling I get from Buffer, and has a heavy focus on analysis which looks useful and that it will really help with giving the user insights. They have four areas they focus on: Discovery, Research, Influencers and Monitoring which is a different and therefore smart way of pitching the fact they do very similar things to other companies.

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