week 4: read the article and write 100 words discussion and reply 2 student’s comment

Instagram’s pretty tough for businesses. It’s surprisingly hard to strike the right balance of being on brand and being engaging enough that people pay attention and give you their time. What do you think these brands are doing especially well? Got any other favorites — brands, not personalities?
https://sproutsocial.com/insights/instagram-accounts-to-follow/ (Links to an external site.)
https://medium.com/the-mission/7-crazy-successful-instagram-business-accounts-you-need-to-follow-right-now-7498a9c76cd1 (Links to an external site.)
write 100 words discussion and reply 2 student’s comment.
student 1: Instagram is one of the most used social media platform right now, from a high-schooler to multi-national company every one has an account on instagram for some reason or other. And taking an advantage of the same many companies, Brands even personal branding has became easier and connecting with new audiences and being engaged with them has became much more simpler.
Talking about some of my favorite brands on instagram is Nike, with 177Million followers Nike has a really interesting feed page and creates some really amazing content on regular basis. Nike is focusing on inclusivity, it has tried and succeeded in doing so. Nike is running some really interesting and supportive campaigns like #stopAsianHate and #BlackLivesMatter. Nike is one amongst many other brands that supports and is prioritising women in different sports from lacrosse to skateboarding and in that way promoting their own products from ears to shoes to sports wear to fancy merchandises. And taking this on a global level, for eg, Nike promoted Tokyo Diary where it showcased Tokyo’s growing women skating scene.
student 2: After reading this discussion question and before even clicking on the links, Nike was the first company to come to mind. Every marketing campaign that Nike puts out is captivating. They have found the perfect balance between being on brand and being incredibly engaging. They have more than one account on Instagram which I believe helps them greatly. Instead of having just one account to post to, they can post different content to each but still stay connected to their brand while posting content that appeals to those niche markets.
They also have people of all walks of earth post about the products and campaign for them. Just looking at their most recent posts, they have an NBA player, a tennis player, a soccer player, dancers, skateboarders, and musicians. That covers so many different aspects of their brand that can bring the attention of many different people to their account. This level of varying posts shows that anyone, no matter what, can be a Nike athlete. Like their slogan says, “if you have a body, you’re an athlete”. Those posts show just that which helps them gain likes, follows and eventually, sales.
Can you tell that I love everything Nike? haha!

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