Week 2, Read the article and write 100 words discussion and answer 2 students reply

Are brands dead, dying, or stronger than ever? Why do you say that?https://hbr.org/2014/02/the-brand-is-dead-long-liv…
Write 100 words discussion and answer 2 student reply( 50-100 words)
student 1:One of the reasons why brands are so important is that they give consumers confidence. Some consumers can decide that the product is of good quality by looking at the brand, and make a purchase decision accordingly. However, this situation has changed with the availability of information on the internet. Brands are not dead, but I would say their value has declined a bit. Users can search for the products they want in the engines, and the products or services offered by many brands appear in the results. In addition, with the Shopping feature on Google, it is possible to compare the products and prices of different brands without clicking on the websites. Consumers can compare different brands on large e-commerce sites to access the information with filter and search features. Purchasing decisions can also take shape based on other users’ reviews. Consumers may make purchasing decisions based on the information they receive, regardless of the brand.
Branding may have changed for traditional brands, but big digital brands have gained a lot of popularity lately. As mentioned in the article “Brands Aren’t Dead, But Traditional Branding Tools Are Dying” by Skibsted and Hansen, brands such as Google and Apple are successful because they offer quality services and products, and trust in these brands is higher than their competitors. And they continue to grow with brand campaigns. I agree with the authors’ opinion that in today’s world, the value of brands should not be considered according to the old tactics used for building brands. Branding is still important; it needs to be rethought according to changing the user experience and emerging technologies. For example, while print and television advertisements were meaningful in the past, today, practices such as content management, community management, digital advertising have become more important for brand promotion, and brands should adapt to that.
student 2: Brands do still exist as it was in traditional times but the traditional branding tools I Radio, televisions, outdoor advertisement, press etc) are for sure dying with the growing competition and economy and these traditional branding tools are now being replaced by the new branding tools ( social media, online advertisement, offers, schemes and discounts) which is making branding stronger than before as the craze of these tools is becoming very popular among the upcoming generation and these ne tools and helped the branding in achieving new heights, so it can’t be said that brands are dead or dying but they are emerging to be stronger than before.

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