Week 11 Response to students

5 days ago
Stephanie Minbiole-Snider
RE: Discussion 1 – Week 11
Dissertation research question: Is there a difference in infant mortality in mothers with treated verses untreated mental health conditions
Independent variables: Women with history of pregnancy as well as a diagnosis mental illness
Dependent variable: Treatment of mental health condition and infant mortality
To best examine this research question, a researcher would consider a regression model to understand the multiple variables or factors that might influence the outcome. Specifically, the Cox Proportional Hazard will be leveraged to identify the difference between mothers with a mental health condition who lost a child either prenatal or postnatal and if the mother’s mental health condition was treated or untreated. The Cox Proportional Hazard is often used for survival analysis, frequently in disease states such as cancer, but has also been applied to birth analyses (Wuryandari, Kartiko,

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