Accept only if u know python
Please download webots https://cyberbotics.com/P
C.1 Task 1 – Motion Estimation Motion estimation requires keeping track of robot pose based exclusively on PositionSensors and IMU readings. Use the world from Figure 2(a). Implement two robot controllers: (2) “lab3_task1_noise.py”, with noise. (Extra Credit)
C.2 Task 2 – Measurement Estimation to Unique Landmarks Measurement estimation will be based on robot sensors and camera to recognize and measure distance to the colored cylinders. Use the world from Figure 2(b). You are required to use Triangulation or Trilateration methods to determine robot pose. Note that trilateration methods use relative distance to landmarks, while triangulation methods use both distances and angles relative to landmarks. Implement two robot controllers: (2) “lab3_task2_noise.py”, with noise. (Extra Credit)
I just need the extra credit portion

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