WASTE AUDIT for your community

Assignment: Waste Memo: 8 points in total
THE STATE OF WASTE in your environment.
American University is commitment to send zero waste to landfill. Properly recycling, disposing landfill, and separating compostable items in the correct bins will contribute towards AU’s goals. Recycling and evaluating single-use plastics is increasingly important. Cities and major restaurants around America are banning plastic straws and either turning towards recyclable lids, paper straws or straws made from PLA compostable plastic manufactured from fermented plant starch or other sustainable material. Cities are also implementing a plastic bag tax in order to encourage consumers to bring their own bags and reduce plastic.
In this lab, you will investigate how the AU community (students, staff and faculty) are sorting their trash. You will collect data and calculate the rate of sorting success.
8-10 people
GRAPHING THE DATA (8 points in total)
For this lab you will need to organize your data, produce graphs (4 in total; 2 points each) in excel. Working with the data you should think about what kind of graph best represents them. You should build tables that summarize your data and then build up the graphs from there. In Canvas, you will find posted a PDF with potential ideas for graphing your data (Appendix from the book).

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