Unit 1 DB: Supply Chain Value Proposition

Please do not take this project on unless all sets are done correctly. Please write the main Discussion Board in about 400 words. I will attach the instructions for this called “Main DB instructions.” This is due no later than Wednesday the 12th. Once I submit the main DB, I will upload two students’ posts to which you will need to reply with two sentences, asking at least one question. I will attach the instructions on how to respond to the students called “Response to classmates.” My teacher might reply and ask another question after I post mine, so I will need you to respond to him with the answer to whatever question he asks, he will not ask questions if the assignment is done correctly. The replies to the classmates are due by Friday the 14th and the reply to the teacher is due by Sunday the 16th. This should total 550 words. Please do not write over 400 words on the main DB because I will not pay extra for another page to be done. There are two parts to this Discussion Board. In the final paper, please separate Part 1 and Part 2. I have been having multiple problems with writers not understanding the replying to the other students. If you read the attached instruction, it will tell you how to reply. Please include one resource from the book and one from another source. I am unable to upload chapters 1

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