The War on Drugs

Please review the lecture notes on markets, especially the part where I discuss the “war on drugs” and mass incarceration. Then read the following 2 articles and discuss them with at least one acquaintance:
Voters Rejecting the War on Drugs Is a Win for Public Health (Links to an external site.) (also watch the video “Dr. Carl Hart Debunks Drug Myths” in the sidebar to the right of the article)
ACLU’s Plan to End Mass Incarceration (Links to an external site.)
Post your (and their) best argument for or against the decriminalization or legalization of cannabis and other drugs (commenting specifically on the Oregon initiative), and the ACLU’s plan for ending mass incarceration. As always, I am expecting you to make a well-researched and thoughtful contribution and to evaluate all arguments critically. (i.e., it is not sufficient to report what someone said and that you thought it made sense; you must cite facts and logical reasonings to support it.) Then, I want you to engage with other students, by doing the same, calling out unsupported or fallacious arguments in their posts or providing additional evidence for other claims. Make this a lively discussion and “like” the posts by other students that you found most enlightening.

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