The Politics and Aesthetics of Anthropomorphism in “Dumbo”

Must make sure that everything in the checklist is addressed. Will attach the document. Please be sure to use the three secondary sources mentioned. Need to have a clear thesis statement and argument.

I am arguing that “Dumbo” is a book that brings forth many politics and aesthetics of anthropomorphism. I have a couple of points I want to expand upon, such as:
Historical Context of the text
Human-animal ethics-bullying in children’s literature
Mistreatment of animals
Circus exploitation
Motherhood and ethics
Anthropomorphism in the book and movie
Focus on the movie, with the occasional reference to one or more of the book versions of “Dumbo.” There is a lot going on in the movie, including some problematic racial politics so that to do justice to the movie. Need to look at anthropomorphism in the movie through several lenses rather than one, tailoring back to the main argument. Research material needs to be connected to the actual text. May use Google Scholar, JSTOR, Project Muse to find secondary sources.

Please use the following sources:
Geist, Kathe. “Walt Disney’s Dumbo as a Reflection of American Culture and American Values.” GAKUEN 822 (2009): 4-10.

Sammond, Nicholas. “Dumbo, Disney, and Difference: Walt Disney Productions and Film as Children’s Literature.” The Oxford Handbook of Children’s Literature (2011): 147-66.

Stanton, Rebecca Rose. “Animal “Entertainers” in WDAS Films.” The Disneyfication of Animals. Palgrave Macmillan, Cham, 2021. 119-151.

I could share the original paper I wrote but it was so unsuccessful and received a horrible grade. I was asked to re-write.

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