The Ethical Dilemma: Calvin

Today you have been asked to work intake for potentially-new clients that will be receiving services with Rasmussen Help Center, LLC. It is currently 4:55 pm, and because the center is closing in 5 minutes, you begin to gather the intake paperwork. You did not notice Calvin, who was walking out of the bathroom, and he says to you, “I need help. I’m homeless, hungry, and I can’t do another day on the street. Can you help me?”
As you are listening to Calvin, you smell alcohol on his breath and the stench of marijuana on his clothing. Calvin informs you that he is a homeless veteran and abruptly states, “If I have to live on the streets again tonight, I might as well end it.” It is now 4:59 pm. You have a paper due at midnight that you have not yet begun, and you are hoping to get some library time in before the public library closes at 7:00 pm. In a two-page, double-spaced paper, using at least one source, address the following:
What are the ethical dilemmas presented within this hypothetical scenario?
Based upon the Ethical Standards for Human Services Professionals established by the National Organization of Human Services, what should you do?
What skills are necessary when working with Calvin and what steps would you take in assisting Calvin?
*****Must be APA format********

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