The Cardboard Room by Teresa Pitman

Part C: Writing Assignment

The narrator has a moment of realization at the end of the story shown here below.
“Now I could see the walls. It was as though I had taken a piece of photographic paper, completely blank, and dipped it into the developer and watched the picture spring into focus. Now I could see the walls my parents had built: solid brick and mortar, impenetrable. And now I was on the outside.”
Pretend that you are the narrator and 2 years have gone by. You have finally come to terms with the prejudiced environment that you grew up with in your household and have begun to openly speak about it and share your experiences with others.

Write a letter to your parents exposing all of the prejudices that they have displayed. Explain to them how all of this has made you feel and what realizations you have come to. You must draw upon evidence/context from the story.
You may want to consider the following questions:
What is your current relationship like with your parents?
Are you still in contact with Eric? What is the state of your relationship with him?
Have you experienced other forms of prejudice other than from your family?
How has this experience shaped your identity and how you perceive others now?
Length: 2 pages double spaced

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