Supply and Demans Graph Progression 1

You are to illustrate shifts of a supply and demand graph via PowerPoint or video evaluating the impact of market and non-market forces on supply and demand.

Directions: You may use your preferred drawing tool such as Paint, Word, Sway, PowerPoint or you can use pencil and paper. Capture your work it a presentation tool such as a short video or PowerPoint. The market for your graph is tennis balls. You are to show the following in the graph progression:

Draw and label the Y and X axis for this market

Draw a supply and demand ​curve/line, making sure to properly label the lines

Label the equilibrium e1

Now consider the effect of the following two events on the​ market for tennis balls:

*An increase in the cost of labor

*A decrease in the price of a tennis racquets

Draw the new supply and demand curve/lines

Label the new equilibrium e2

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