Study On Improving The Energy Efficiency Of Office Building Utilization Of Daylight Through Solar Film Sheets

Please follow the below instruction and ensure to compile the below comments, Also in the attachment there are comments that need to be reviewed. the most important part that using the APA style to be used APA styled for referencing (author and year)

1. Your objective is to minimize the energy consumption and maximize the comfort of visualization. Therefore, multiobjective optimization might be a useful tool for improving your research and achieving your objective.
2. You might make your title more generic and take the office as a case study in your report.
3. Line spacing in the abstract is different. Make it similar to the text in the report.
4. You might consider optimizing the layout design of the office if it will improve your model.
5. On page 6 and 7, use “combined” instead of “combo” if this what you mean.
6. On page 6, points I, II, …. etc. seems objectives rather than research questions. They might be moved to Section 1.5.
7. On page 7, How you will compare the staff performance under the artificial daylighting, natural daylighting and standard electrical lighting. How you will measure the staff performance? ANOVA might be a useful tool for this comparison.
8. Section 1.6 is confusing and contains inconsistent items such as literature review, model and measures. Research gap can be explained in eth end of the literature review chapter.
9. On page 8, what do you mean with “the applicant will study the effect of different types of solar films on room lighting”? You can make it as a passive sentence or say “we”.
10. Section 1.8 is not really reflecting the assumptions. You mean the factors you will considered?
11. On page 11, the full definition of BMS should be mentioned.
12. On page 11, you mentioned that the power consumption will be reduced by 30%. How you estimated this percentage and why it is different from that in the abstract (10%)?
13. On page 11, “The outcome of this project will provide the best selecting criteria of the solar film coating” appeared suddenly here and gave an impression that multiple criteria decision making might be used in your research?
14. Any figure or table in your report should be cited (mentioned) in the text. I also suggest numbering the figures and tables in terms of the Chapter number. For example, Figure 1.1, 1.2, ….etc.
15. Start each chapter on a new page.
16. First two pages in the literature review are talking about smart grid and co2 emission, while I couldn’t find these two keywords in your introduction at all if I am not wrong.
17. No need to repeat the first row in Table 1.
18. On page 1, DIVA, PSS, and DOA were mentioned without mentioning the full definition if I am not wrong. The full definition of any abbreviation should be mentioned first before the abbreviation.
19. In Table 1, use the same font type. I can see different types of fonts from one column to another. Font type in Section 2.3 is also different. Please be consistent.
20. The literature review should be more comprehensive and extensive. I can see almost 6-7 papers in the literature review chapter which is very small number of papers for a PhD research in my opinion.
21. In Section 2.3, you better remove the explanation of what you already did in the table and talk only about the research gap and what you concluded from the papers you covered in the literature review.
22. On page 16, you used Muller (2007), while you use number citation style in your report. in addition, you said you use APA styled for referencing (author and year), while this is not the case in your report.
23. I believe the tense of Methodology chapter should be present or future, not past.
24. On page 17, “The studies were making the use of techniques such as questionnaire, experiment, case studies and statistical analyses”. It is not clear in the whole report how you will design your experiments and questionnaire. Moreover, there are no details about the statistical analysis you will use? You need to elaborate on that.
25. Figure 3 is confusing. Make it more clear.
26. On page 18, lighting levels and lighting preference are considered as questionnaire techniques? Please clarify.
27. What would be the sample size for conducting the questionnaire and how you will decide it?
28. How you will measure the internal consistency of your questionnaire?
29. First paragraph in Conclusion is one sentence of almost 5 lines. You need to shorten or divide it into 2 paragraphs.
30. How you will validate your simulation model? Give explanation.

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