Special Topics (Anticipatory Democracy, Presidential Election Trend Analysis)

INSTRUCTIONS: In no less than 1,500 and no more than 50,000 words in complete and succinct sentences, word-processed or typed, and coherent paragraphs, respond to at least three of the questions below. Use your own words and examples, pertinent charts, graphs and cartoons to communicate the content and meaning you intend. Answer at least 4 of the 8 questions up to 100 points. More answers for possibly increased points (200).

1.​How did the USA withdrawal from Afghanistan affect USA global relationships?

2.​Why is the fact that President Biden nominates, the Senate interviews under close scrutiny and with all tax related information of nominees required, and we the people are free to know a great deal about each candidate considered Post-Trump extraordinary.?

3.​Should the USA government more effectively participate in and promote the World Trade Organization (WTO) and International Monetary Fund (IMF) and other multi-lateral trade relationships to improve the USA’s relationships in the world?

4.​Explain why and by what means have many prisoners in the Guantanamo Military Base (USA jurisdiction) gained access to trials in the Federal Court in Southern New York, instead of Military Tribunal in Guantanamo.

5​Explain EXACTLY how the Covid19 $1.9 trillion legislation that was passed and signed into law addresses not only relief from pandemic impacts on all Americans and reduced poverty among children, limited access to health care, and many public deficiencies suffered by many Americas is different than the $1.1 Trillion Physical Infrastructure Law signed yesterday, and the $1.9 Trillion Build Back Better Proposal?

6.​What have been impacts and implications of a Congress – with Democratic majority in the House and 50/50 split in the Senate – that began in January 2021?

7.​Why would Republican majority state legislatures seek to limit voter access to mail in voting, demand more identification, limit pre-election access to voting, when it was proven that the 2021 elections were the safest, most secure, and accurate in history?

8.​What was notable about President Biden’s first address to nation – March10?
Thanks for your conscientious scholarly investment of time, talent, and innovation.

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