sociological problems with mothers and abortion, why abortion is wrong

research paper on the sociological side of abortion and how its wrong
Research Paper

Research paper: Must be 6 pages minimum (can include Works Cited Page), typed, double-spaced on stapled, white paper.

Must follow MLA style with your name, your instructor’s name, class name and date (Day/Month/Year) at the top left side of the first page, last name and page number in upper right.

Must have a Works Cited page with at least 5 sources (Wikipedia is not accepted as a source) All five sources can be from the internet, but you can use a book, magazine, personal interview, film, etc. if you need.

The assignment is focused around a central idea and has a strong thesis statement

· 10 Yes 8 Developing 0 No

The writer develops central ideas with sufficient supporting details without getting off focus

· 10 Yes 8 Developing 0 No

The writer utilizes strategies/genres explained in class to get their point across in their writing.

· 10 Yes 8 Developing 0 No

The writer has brought in a rough draft of their paper to be reviewed: DUE: Dec. 12

10 Yes 0 No

The writer has completed an annotated bibliography according to class standards

DUE: Dec. 7

· 10 Yes No: Automatic 2.0

Assignment is written the appropriate length

· 15 Yes No: Automatic 1.0

The writer demonstrates sufficient control of sentence boundaries

· 20 Yes 10 Some errors but they do no confuse Up to -31 Significant Trouble

Word-level errors (for example, spelling or verb mistakes, typos) occur infrequently and cause only minor confusion for the reader

· 10 Yes 5 Many word errors Up to -20 Errors dominate

The paper is formatted in MLA/APA style

· 5 Yes No: Automatic 1.0

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