Social Science Question
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Provide a thorough description (no more than 2 paragraphs) of the movie and character of choice. This means that enough information should be provided that even if the reader is not fully aware of the situation, they can understand what is going on and the scenario
Student will identify possible diagnoses (consider both Substance Use Disorder and Mental Health as well as other conditions that could impact treatment). Provide a rationale which supports this diagnosis and how it relates to the main character
Student will then apply an initial treatment plan to this client which will identify ASAM PPC 2R level of care as well as additional treatment considerations and rationale for selected course of action.
Student will elaborate on how this scenario and course of action could potentially affect the client and outcomes.
Student will provide 1 alternate diagnosis for identified character with rationale.
Student will discuss this diagnosis within the larger context of social work practice and the community.
Considerations and advice to other social workers for addressing similar clients.
Each student is responsible for writing a critical response paper with scholarly references (no less than 5).
The response paper is a 5-7 page typewritten/double spaced paper

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