SOC 320: Assignment 4 Examination of ideologies

In this assignment, you are asked to re-read your explanation of inequality in the US as written in Assignment 1.

You will reflect on how your socialization has impacted your beliefs.
Be sure to address the specific questions below.

(When you submit your response, you will also submit two quick multiple-choice responses that categorize your overall impression of your own initial writings as well as that of your classmates.

These are opinion questions so it is just a reflection of your impression. Your grade will be based upon your written response).
Looking over what you wrote in Assignment 1, do you feel that your response reflects the Dominant American Ideology or do you think that it questions US ideology (such as by pointing out how structural factors that may impede social mobility?)

Marger discusses 7 specific beliefs relevant to the Dominant American Ideology (chapter 8, page 226 to 236) as well as 3 ancillary beliefs (237-239). Use specific quotes from your writing and talk about how they either illustrate or contradict, the beliefs discussed by Marger.

How has your socialization impacted how you explain inequality? For instance, how does your family history and the experiences of family members (currently and in earlier generations) help inform how you explain the sources of inequality?

Pulling from the 7 beliefs that make up the Dominant American Ideology (as discussed by Marger in chapter 8 (page 226 to 236) discuss how your classmate’s writings reflect or contradict these beliefs.

Use specific quotes from at least three different classmates as illustrations for at least 3 different beliefs. (You may also discuss the 3 ancillary beliefs p 237-239)

Textbook: Marger, Martin N. 2014. Social Inequality: Patterns and Processes, 6th edition. McGraw-Hill. (ISBN 9780078026935)

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