Soc 310 Discussion Post 12

Soc 310 Discussion Post 12.




Discussion Post


We have just read selections on postmodern theory by Foucault and Lyotard.   Many argue that we live in a time when appearances matter more than reality, and the idea that things are actually “real” should be called into question, particularly because–according to postmodern theorists–power is central to definitions of reality…and truth.


  • Considering the concepts in our readings this week on postmodernism, what do you feel are the benefits (or drawbacks) of taking a postmodern approach to serious subjects such as President Trump’s attacks on the media as “fake news?”
  • How is knowledge–such as the knowledge set forth in media reports–undermined, according to postmodern theorists?
  • What is your opinion about the postmodern skepticism of “facts.”?  Do you agree that facts should be distrusted?  How should the legitimacy of a fact be established?
  • Remember to use in-text citations and references at the end of your postings in ASA style.

Soc 310 Discussion Post 12

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