*READ Jillian Straus’s “Lone Stars: Singlehood” (Article)
*READ “Alternatives to Marriage Project” (both the sections “Marriage-Free” and “Living Single”; you don’t have to read the book list section) (Website)
*READ Fritz Neumann and Cherie L. Ve Ard’s “Balancing Individuality and Partnership” (Handout)

*Singlehood Vs. Marriage: Post a reading response (180 word minimum) where you discuss your feelings about singlehood and friendships and what the texts say about it. Quote something from each text. Also, ask a friend what he or she thinks about the idea of getting married versus being “single” (but dating) forever, and quote your friend in your post.

Part 2:

*READ Hank Pine’s “No Secrets, No Lies” (Article)
*READ Savannah’s “Love Lessons: The Great Poly Experiment” (Article)
*READ Deborah Taj Anapol’s “The Future of the Family and the Fate of Our Children” (Blog)

*Polyamory Vs. Monogamy: Post a reading response (180 word minimum) where you pick any 1-2 issues the texts address. Compare how each text handles that issue, quoting at least one sentence from each text.

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