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SPSS is popular software that is used by researchers for carrying out a statistical analysis. It is applicable in both batched and non-batched operations. The main reason why SPSS data analysis software is more popular than other similar software is that it has simple instructions that many people can handle. It can be used even for complex data manipulation. Researchers can use data derived from various types of files.

The data is then used to generate charts and reports. SPSS is compatible with both personal and mainframe computers. The software is suitable for the analysis and manipulation of qualitative and quantitative data. Data derived from SPSS is used in areas such as market research and surveys. One of the challenges that learners face is determining which SPSS method of data analysis to use.

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Importance of SPSS

There are many advantages of using SPSS in research. Some of them are explained below:

•   Data Collection and Organization.

It is widely used by different researchers in collecting data required for their research. It is considered one of the most useful tools for the work. Its features are easy to use even for beginners who wish to collect their data. The software’s data entry screen is similar to the one in other similar software. Once our experts have entered different software variables, they will save the data in a data file that can be accessed easily in the future.

•   Data Output.

After filing the SPPS entries, our experts use the data to create an output file for our customers. For example, a frequency distribution can be developed to determine the distribution pattern that has been applied. Once complete, the pattern is displayed in an output file. The file makes it easy for researchers to export the data obtained into their writing work. You will not need to create new tables and charts when completing your assignment.

•   Statistical Tests.

It is the primary use of the SPSS software. It has in-built features that researchers use to run statistical tests for their data. Therefore, you will not have to solve mathematical equations to complete your SPSS analysis homework. The results of the statistical tests are displayed in the output file that has been prepared. The software can also be used to do advanced statistical tests if the data has not been distributed normally.

How to Enter Data into SPSS

•   Define your variables.

You will be required to double-click “data view” to enable you to define your research variables.

•   Create a multiple choice variable.

It is applicable where there is more than one set of possibilities of variables.

•   Enter your first case.

It is done by clicking the empty cells.

•   Continue filling out variables.

Move to the other empty cells and enter the appropriate values. All the cells should be filled.

•   Manipulate the data.

Once you have completed entering all the data into the appropriate cases, you can use the available features for manipulation to get results.   


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