Self awareness

Part A – Academic Essay (1500 words)

1. Self-awareness
is the key to career success.

Using a range of relevant literature (both academic and professional sources), A definition of self-awareness and an explanation of why it is important to the development of your leadership and/or management capability.
Core topics and explain their importance to the

2. Development of Self-awareness
2.1 Learning to Work in a Team

2.2 Emotional and Cultural Intelligence

2.3 Leadership and management

explore and critically evaluate why it is important for you to develop in these areas for your own successful career development.

Provide an overview of the context of
(Senior finance officer in treasury / finance / airline/ aviation)
your target job/profession/industry/sector
with a focus on why you need to develop in the topics you have selected in order to succeed in this chosen sphere of work.
A conclusion of your own attitudes towards self-awareness and how they might help or hinder your career development and success.

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