Secure Videoconferencing Communications

Cybersecurity professionals are frequently required to assess the security, risk applications, and systems for business communications before they can be added to an organization’s network. CISOs need to assess risks posed to the organization and develop new security measures or adjust current measures to address these risks appropriately. These evaluations involve comparing competing applications or systems against the organization’s baseline to determine the best balance between business needs and the security and risk appetite of the organization.
Videoconferencing and collaboration systems vary in cost, configuration, functionality, use, and collaboration capability. These systems are trusted to facilitate sensitive and proprietary discussions through their use of encrypted communication channels. Yet these systems have vulnerabilities and are prone to threats and attacks ranging from phishing, credential compromise, and even malware insertion. Therefore, analysis of possible threats, attacks, and vulnerabilities inherent in these systems is critical in developing defense and protection strategies for voice and video data at all endpoints and during transit.
In this project, you will present your proposal in the form of a narrated slide deck. Be sure to refer to Guidelines for Presentation on Secure Videoconferencing. Also, you will complete a lab report on secure videoconferencing. There are six steps to the project, and the project as a whole should take about two weeks to complete. Begin with the workplace scenario above and then continue to Step 1.

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