Sanchez Case Part III

Based on the readings assigned for this week and the Sanchez family case, complete the discussion board activity guided by the questions below. Please write 300-350-word initial post addressing the questions below.
Go to and read the Sanchez family case.
Do you think Joey, the Sanchez family grandchild, would qualify for CHIP in your state?
How would you determine if he was eligible?
What other members of the family do you think might qualify for the major health care programs? Describe.
How might having health insurance make a difference in the lives of the Sanchez family? What other barriers to securing health care might they encounter, even with insurance coverage?
We know the health outcomes for Hispanic Americans are not as positive as for the majority of the population. Problems related to service access help to create these health care outcome disparities. What strategies for overcoming problems in accessing health care for Hispanic families such as the Sanchez family might prove effective in reducing health outcome disparities.
Please make sure that your posts are grammatically correct and free of spelling errors. You should also cite any resources you use following APA standards.

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