Rhetorical Analysis-Donald Trump 2017 Inaugural Address

Below is a link to the inauguration speech given by Donald Trump in 2017. Watch the speech and answer the questions below. The grade you receive will be based on how thoroughly you answer the questions.
Note* The video below is of the full inauguration. This was the only version I was able to find that had correct captioning and would meet ADA requirements. Please fast forward to 1:00:55-this is where the actual speech given by the president begins.

In regards to language, what makes the speech more powerful and convincing? Even if you don’t like him or his speech, think of a strength in terms of his language use.
What type of language or ways of speaking takes away from the power and effectiveness of the speech?
Provide 1 example of biased language used in the speech. Think about language that may alienate individuals from different cultures or religions.
Discuss how he uses pronouns such as, “I,” “We,” “They.” How do these impact the overall speech and its tone.
Rhetorical Analysis Rubric (1)
CriteriaRatingsPtsAll questions answered
4 pts
Questions answered completely and thoroughly
3 pts
Examples provided
3 pts
Total Points: 10

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