Review of Research Study Article 3

NOTE: This short written assignment is NOT in APA format. You do NOT create a title page, headers, reverence list etc. Limit this assignment to one page, two short paragraphs.
Students will write a two paragraph summary of a peer reviewed research study article. Find research studies with topics relative to the business and organizational fields (ie. the major fields of study in the Walker School of Business). Summaries will be posted to support collaborative research and submitted to this assignment area. The summary should thoroughly address each of the following and be given in the following format:
At the beginning of the document, provide the APA citation for the article (author, date, title of article, publication/name of journal, volume, issue, pages) and then insert the URL link.
Paragraph #1 should describe the topic, purpose, problem, and research question. Paragraph #2 should describe the Method/Design of the research and conclusions.
Consider the following questions:
What or who are the participants?
What research method do they perform or what tests do they take, or what characteristics are measured?
Is this a qualitative or quantitative research study?
What is the hypothesis?
Results. What were the main findings in the study?
Discussion. In general, what did the study demonstrate? What are the implications of study? What questions remain for further research?
Criticisms. Consider strengths and weaknesses in the research.
How might this research design be applied to your topic of interest?
You should access journal articles from Webster’s Library so that other students can readily review the original article. Links to an external site.
Submit your Research Study Article here for grading. Post your Journal Review as a word document or text file to the DISCUSSION TAB

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