Respond and Refute

Respond and refute using moral theories (Kantianism or Utilitarianism) below:

I do not think that inert gas suffocation is morally better than other alternative forms of execution. I believe that all forms of execution have flaws, and if we were to perform the most effective, then that would be the most humane. We can utilize utilitarianism in this instance because we want to choose the form that brings less suffering. As stated, guillotines, firing squads, electrocution, and lethal injections have flaws and can be botched, increasing the pain and suffering to the inmate being executed. If, for example, lethal injections are less likely to be botched than gas suffocation practices, then that would be the most humane option as it would cause less suffering among inmates on death row, as that is the aim of the game. Firing squads do not always guarantee instant death as aim is an essential factor, so death by guillotine would be a better humane option because a sharp blade will take a head off in one pass. Perhaps the brain is still active for a few moments, but it is not focusing on pain as far as we know.

Reiman summed it up best that regardless of form, the death penalty combines the worst kinds of death in one, physical and psychological. Worse than unforeseen death, it is a foreseen death because the government must exhaust all possible appeals to ensure the prisoner is guilty, which takes up money and time. Perhaps this means that no form of execution is humane as long as it is a foreseen death because of long psychological torment. Then we would have to utilize conditions in which death is unforeseen. Some who argue against the death penalty as a whole may argue for life imprisonment as an alternative as natural death is unexpected. Additionally, as the lecture states, not all long-term prisoners suffer as many adapt to their surroundings, get bored, come to terms with their lifestyle, etc.

To conclude, if there is no humane way to perform an execution, we should utilize the one that adds less damage.

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