Research Topic Oral Presentation and Abstract

Research Topic: TPSR and Classroom Behavior in a Physical Education and Sport Setting
Part 1: Based on your review of the eight articles, create and record a 9-minute PowerPoint presentation that
A. A clear summary of your research topic (~ 2 minutes)
• What is the purpose of this area of research? What problems are being addressed?
• What are the key constructs and variables (i.e., independent and dependent) that have
been studied?
B. The pros and cons of the current methods used (~ 5 minutes)
• What types of designs, samples, and instruments have been used?
• What methods have worked by showing valid and reliable quantitative results and/or
credible and trustworthy qualitative results?
C. A potential research design (~ 2 minutes)
• What would be a logical next step in this area of research?
• How will your study address the limitations of past research?
D. An APA-formatted list of your references on the last slide of your presentation (single-spaced so
they all fit on one page)
Part 2: Abstract
After you create your presentation, you will write an abstract of 300-350 words for your presentation.
This abstract should include a brief summary of all the components of your presentation: the topic, pros and
cons of previous research, limitations of previous studies, ideas for future research.

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