Research Article Summary

Writing the Research Article Summary (in APA Format)

Read and summarize the article in 1-2 pages using APA 7 format (student paper). You will likely need to read the article several times to understand it well enough to write an informed and accurate summary.
A good summary of your article will provide a brief, structured overview that identifies important information about the research and condenses it for the reader.
Use APA “Annotated Student Sample Paper” (Links to an external site.)
Paraphrase (Links to an external site.) (restate ideas or information from the article) and cite OR quote exactly and cite. Always credit the author by citing – consult APA link on in-text citations (Links to an external site.). Copying or changing just one or two words and presenting it as your own is plagiarism. Do not use information, even for introductions and conclusions, from other sources. In this paper, I am only allowing one direct quote and it can only be one sentence long.
APA Format Guidelines

Page 1 – Title page (here is link to student title page APA 7 (Links to an external site.))

Page 2 – Abstract (Links to an external site.) (A summary of your paper – which will only be 4-5 sentences because you are only summarizing one research article – best written after you write your paper. Often not required in student papers but it is a requirement for this assignment.)

Page 2

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