Research paper: What is the importance of personal identity in the 21st century.
I have the first draft ready and it’s 2 pages so I only need a couple more paragraphs and editing for the first draft.
This second draft of your research paper must contain the following:
In MLA format
Double-spaced lines
A correct pagination header
A title which is centered on the page
A clear introduction
Most of your discussion meaning almost complete
At least 3 pages in length
In-text citations from your database sources from GCC’s library
A Works Cited page which contains the sources being used and cited for this research even if you don’t cite them
Citations in Works Cited correctly formatted in MLA8
Remember:You must type double-spaced.
You may only use sources from the GCC library periodical databases.
You must use at least 2 different databases.
You may not get all your sources from one database.
You may not use just one author’s research. There must be a variety.
No print sources are allowed.
No websites are allowed.
No YouTubes/TED talks allowed.

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