Religion Question

Do hybrid religions or local varieties (syncretic) of imported religions count as “world” or “indigenous” traditions? Why or why not? Do the terms “hybrid” or “syncretism” impact your answer? Select 2-3 religions that best illustrate your argument. Use definitions and details from the readings, videos, and lectures to explain your argument.
TIP 1: Remember to succinctly define your argument’s key terms.
TIP 2: Consider using a talk-to-text app to brainstorm or write your first draft. Be sure to revise and edit that first draft.
TIP 3: Remember to look-up the format for citing a online videos in the essay and listing a film in the Works Cited section.
TIP 4: To list a lecture in the Works Cited (Chicago Style):
Last Name, First Name. “Presentation title.” Presentation Type, Event from Sponsor, City, Date Conducted.=> Johnston, Isobel-Marie. “Lecture Title.: Religion 321: Religions in America, Arizona State University, Date of class.

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