Refund Policy

The refund is effected fully 100% if the fault is on the side of the company.

It is important to note that the customers must submit all the requirements and agree to our terms and conditions, stating that all the information submitted is enough to complete the assignment and that no additional information will be added.

If a client adds information after work has been completed and delivered, that is termed as new instructions and could lead to additional charges.

However, a customer can give additional information before the paper has been submitted through communication with our customer support.

In case a customer cancels an order before it is assigned to our writers, they get a 100% refund. Still, if the paper was already assigned to our writers, the refund is calculated according to the deadline since we have to compensate our writers in such cases.

In case we don’t have a writer to handle your work, we communicate early to ensure that we guide you appropriately.

However, this is rare as we have many writers with different qualifications, and therefore we guarantee that your work will always get a match writer and editor.

In case of a refund, the customer should write to our QAD and request for refund with strong reasons and evidence.

This takes a maximum of 14 days for review and response through the Dispute resolution department.