Reaction after watching a Dancing video

Guidelines to writing about dance for performance papers:
Please write your self observation towards the dancing video you pick, instead of other’s observation!
Evaluate and critique what you see based on specific, relatively objective criteria. Ask yourself what the choreographer is attempting to accomplish/communicate. How is the choreographer using dance to do this? Does the work accomplish/communicate what it set out to do?
Do not write in the first person, and please do not use the words incredible, amazing, unbelievable, or awesome.
Rather than writing about what you liked or didn’t like, consider that a well-conceived and well written evaluation will make that clear.
Use examples to support your observations. Look at the choreography, the quality of the movement (how it is accomplished), the use of groups/solos, the use of space, the relationship between the music and the dance, the lighting design, the idea and feelings it portrayed.
Use both metaphor and concrete descriptions. Assume that the reader has not seen the dance. Make the reader see what you saw.
If you are comparing two dances, choose one aspect of the choreography, music, theme etc., that is common to both dances. Do not describe one dance and then the other, the end. That’s two mini-papers side by side, not a comparison. For example, you could describe two very different dances which were both about relationships, or compare two dances that both used props, or a solo with a group dance focusing on how the space was used. Discuss the dances in relationship to each other.

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