Quantitative Research

You will be given an excel file of data (this is the updated data base)You will be required to analyze TWO research questions in which you are to determine which statistical analysis should be done, and you should then complete these analyses. You will also be asked to write a THIRD research question and determine the answer via the appropriate analysis. You are to do this using Excel. To assist in this assignment, you will be given a complimentary copy of the ebook written by your instructor. You are to go to HEDIR.org/publishing (Links to an external site.) and select ‘Using Excel to Run Statistics’ (download version). Once you select the book and add to the cart, use the following coupon to download it for free: NYMC2021. Once approved you will have 24 hours to download the zip file. It is around 120 MB. Once downloaded, you need to ‘unzip’ the file. I would suggest moving the downloaded zipped file into a folder onto your desktop and unzip it in that particular folder. Once unzipped, you can access the book and the various PPT, excel files, videos, etc. Have this available on your computer by early November. There will be a class period as well as help sessions for this particular assignment.
Research Questions:
Is there a difference between males and females in their Total Physical Stress Symptoms Scores.
Choice between: Is there a difference between males and females in their total PERCEIVED Stress Symptoms Scores? OR
Is there a relationship between binge drinking and exercising?

Make up your own
For each research question, state the RQ as noted above, then below have a table with the results. Then follow up with a 2-3 sentence analysis of the results.

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