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Maternal and child health is an important public health issue because we have the opportunity to end preventable deaths among all women and children and to greatly improve their health and well-being.
On the light of this statement, answer the following questions (using both the national and global level comparative data): –
1. Explain the infant and under five mortality rates (definitions, statistics, causes) (3 points)
2. Discus the maternal mortality ratio (definition, statistics, causes) (2 points)
3. Explore the challenges and barriers for improving maternal and child health (2 points)
4. Evaluate the important actions taken by the government to improve the maternal and child health condition (3 points). Instructions:
Length of thewrite-up should be 500-1000 words.
Proper headings with number should be given for each segment.
Use proper references using APA style(at least three up to date references should be used)
• Don’t forget the “in-text citation”.
• Avoid Plagiarism

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