Public Health Question

Community Assessment Paper:
1. Choose a target audience you would like to research (for example, Elderly, families living in poverty, migrant workers, disabled, teen parents, homeless, or an ethnic group).
2. Choose a community locale–primarily where you live. This is not a national perspective. You will gather data for that specific locale (city, town, county).
3. Prepare a 3-5 page assessment of your target audience looking at the following items for your specific community: (worth 200 points): * Health promotion strategies already in place in the community * Overall problems encountered by the group in the community * Accessibility to health care in the community * Resources still needed in the community (ex: educational needs, healthcare needs, transportation needs, etc.)
Grading Rubric: (Total 150 points)
Content: 130 points
Health promotion strategies: 35 points
Problems encountered by the group: 35 points
Access to health care: 30 points
Resources needed: 30 points
Sources–number, properly cited, professional (government documents, scholarly journal articles, etc): 10 points
Writing Effectiveness/Grammar: 10 points

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