Psychology Question

Assignment ContentImagine you’ve been asked to help a group of new elementary school teachers better understand the developmental changes from early childhood to middle childhood. Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper on the expected developmental changes children experience when transitioning between early and middle childhood. Your paper will be part of the training materials new elementary school teachers receive in the summer before they start teaching. Address the following: Describe early childhood.
Describe middle childhood.
Discuss the transition from early childhood to middle childhood in healthy developing children. Include a discussion and examples of the following:
Physical changes
Neurological changes
Cognitive changes
Moral changes
Social changes
Use APA 7th Edition formatting for (see APA 7th Edition Template in the Course Resources folder) : Title page Section headings throughout the paperCite and reference at least 2 scholarly resources using APA format. Be sure you follow the writing rules stated in the Paper Expectations (see in the Course Resources folder)

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