Psychology Question

1-A researcher is interested in whether parents are more open to allowing their children to receive sex education in school after hearing a presentation from an expert. In order to measure this, the researcher has parents attend the presentation and then measures their attitudes towards sex education. This type of study design is a:
Group of answer choicesone-group pretest-posttest designone-group posttest only design
interrupted time series one-group design
post-test only nonequivalent groups design

2-A ________ design is a between-subjects design that lacks random assignment of participants.

Group of answer choicesqualitativequasi-experimental
nonequivalent groups design

3-Using a one-group pretest-postest design, propose a study that assesses whether a brief hand-washing education intervention increases the likelihood that individuals will wash their hands after using the restroom, touching raw meat, etc. Please do the following:
Identify your variables
Explain your study design and how you will measure change.
Discuss 2-3 issues you might run into when using this design and how you would handle them.
4-Using a posttest only nonequivalent groups design, propose a study that assesses whether a new psychotherapy treatment for OCD is more effective than what is currently being used. Please do the following in your answer:
Identify your variables
Explain your study
Discuss what you will do to ensure groups are as similar as possible

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