Psychology Question

my discussion
If I could do three things humanly possible without being caught or detected, they would be:
Go to a shoe boutique and pick as many shoes as possible. (Neutral)
Go to a bakery and eat all the available tiramisu cake. (Neutral)
Have my long-time crush know about my feelings towards them. (Pro-social). I would like to let my crush know about my feelings anonymously so that in case my feelings get rubbished or I get rejected, my heart would not break as much.
Accountability Cues
Accountability cues fortifies a person’s identity. Being anonymous while admitting my feelings to my crush would fall under this category. Anonymity tends to strengthen a person’s courage in doing anything.
Follow-Up Comment
The behavior has appropriately been labeled as anti-social since it involves one obtaining information that they are not cleared to have access to.
I do agree that this behavior is indeed pro-social. This person wants to perform a good deed for his/her family by making sure that they are where he is and also living a comfortable life.

I put a documet with the classmate’s discussion that I need the answers

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