Crazy Like Us Discussion
Compare and contrast the way PTSD is conceptualized in the United States vs. Sri Lanka using at least two examples from the book.
Watters’ writes about how many “experts” from other countries flocked to Sri Lanka after the Tsunami. Discuss two examples of how these “experts” used Western psychological techniques to treat PTSD and depression and why they were not successful in Sri Lanka.
Based on this class and Watters’ reflections, how would you approach the treatment of PTSD in Sri Lanka? Provide 2 recommendations and why you feel these approaches would yield better results.
About ten years ago, the American Psychiatric Association created a “Cultural Interview Guide” for clinicians to use when diagnosing psychological disorders. Do you think the questions in the: APA_DSM5_Cultural-Formulation-Interview-Informant.pdf Actionsinterview guide are sufficient? What other questions do you think should be asked based on this class, the book, and your own lived experiences?
Respond to a classmate about their response to #4. Please be thoughtful in your response!
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