Problem solving

TOPIC – Forecast Canada’s CO2 emissions for the year 2016-2020 and suggest mitigation strategies to control CO2 emission.

I need excel files for output, and I need the report in word document which the excel software results.

Techniques used – 1) moving average

2) multiple regression – independent variable used – GDP of Canada, population , fossil fuel consumption. Dependent variable is CO2 emissions.

3) combine the techniques I have attached the rubric. (The abstract needs to be in the end of paper)

Abstract – explain what you did, how, what kind of data Introduction 1/2 to 1 page. why we used this topic, what kind of data, how to use.

Objective- my objective is to forecast Canada’s CO2 emissions for the year 2016-2020. using moving average technique, and multiple regression technique. My objective is also to combine the forecasts and then suggest mitigation strategies to combat growing co2 emission levels.

Literature review

Methodology _ tell what techniques are. Explain moving average, multiple regression, what factors are included, why these factors are included.

Data descriiption My source of data is ____ and data is selected from period of ___ whose link you can find in the appendix.

Empirical result Use techniques, pick data, run model and report it. INCLUDE THE DATA OUTPUT IN APPENDIX.

Discussion about results – self reflection of what we find in the results.

Conclusion elaborate introduction and what we find. suggest co2 reduction strategies

Future research-

References – APA 7th edition.

Appendix- add software outcomes of models in appendix.

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