Preparing the conceptual design Preparing the concrete design

The designing process is the preparation for prototyping. It shall include a drawing and description of each UI design. Based on your analysis and findings from Question One, describe how the prototype will look and work. Your tasks are:
1. Preparing the conceptual design:Present a minimum of three model layouts that describeabstractly what the users require, how it cansolve the problem, and what the users can do with the prototype. You may want to include the knowledge from some of the interdisciplinary fields you have learned in Chapter 1 into your conceptual design.Conceptual design is discussed in Chapter 3. You can perform this task with a simple sketch too.
2. Preparing the concrete design:
Translate the conceptual design in (1) with the details, including the colors, sounds, images, menus, icons, etc. You may want to consider more concrete design issues discussed in Chapter 7 and 12. You may use any visual programming tools you familiar with.

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